Who has the right to live and work in Finland

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Target group This webinar is targeted to students or employees, who wish to position themselves in Finnish labour market. The lecture is informative to all international students or employees but is especially useful for those who come outside EU.


Aim In this webinar, you will learn about the rules and regulations governing how to enter the labour market and how to stay there.


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It is easier for the EU-citizens to come to work in Finland, because of the EU labor legislation. If you move to Finland from outside EU, you need a visa and a work permission to get employed here. Often the company you work for takes care of these. But sometimes you need to take into action yourself. Typical situations, where you need to know what to do are:
• If you wish to change your status from a student to an employee
• When changing your job
• If you separate/divorce from your spouse, and your permission to stay and work in Finland was issued on him/her

Attending this webinar will give you useful insight on what to do.

Enroll (Ilmoittaudu koulutukseen) -button on this page will take you to a registration form, that is in Finnish. If you wish to enroll in English, use this link (you will have to copy-paste it to your browser): https://forms.office.com/e/a80X7YfnTv




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Hanna Laari

Hanna Laari works as an executive lawyer and Licensed Legal Counsel at The Refugee Advice Centre. The Refugee Advice Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization, that provides legal aid and advice to asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners in Finland, in all stages of asylum and residence permit processes.

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